foxpoolfrance rules & regs nuts of any kind. braided main line sacking of fish standing holding fish for photos.

5.microbarb hooks only

6.minimum 15lb main line

7.swims to be kept tidy at all times.

8.please respect fish and take care when releasing them making sure they are fully recovered.

9. All landing nets, weigh slings, reception mats, weigh tripods are to be supplied by foxpoolfrance .                    

10.Do not drink alcohol on the bank in excess. You will be removed from the lake if you have alcohol in your system as you are not insured whilst you are on our property. leaders of any kind,tubing only to be used ,minimum of 3ft in length. & survive guests leaving time on the final day is  by 10 am

new guests to arrive NO earlier than 2pm on saturday.

13. use of the boat is at your own risk.

14. strictly no carrying of fish in slings to cradles/weighing tripods ..cradles & tripods must be carried to where fish is landed. 

15.foxpool reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time.

16. our liability to you will not exceed the amount paid to us for your must take the necessary steps to safeguard your own personal safety. we accept no liability for any death or personal injury

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please note all deposits are non refundable .

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